U ask me, i’ll give. Wanna more? why not?
U wanna catch me, i wont let it.
just move an inch, i’ll run a mile.
cZ thats me, so dont suprise^^

just wanna tell’em bout my self,

this is our world,
when boys n galz start attract each other,
no rules r written,
just strategy to fight,
4 i things named ‘love’^^

this is me.
so dont suprise.

all d boyz just d same,
all d galz so d same,
once u could read their mind,
it will work till last,
well, i think.

cant read my mind?
c’mon, im not that complicated πŸ™‚
cant guess my feeling?
well then it goes intresting πŸ˜€
dont think so far,
i’m so simple.

not in my dictionary.
once i’ve erase it,
so no idea about it.

you move close?
it’s ok πŸ™‚
wanna my attention?
why not πŸ˜‰
need me to take care of u?
ok, i’ll be ur mamma XD
need me to understand u?
need me to listen to u?
ok, as ur wish πŸ˜€
need me to always beside u?
c’mon i’m not ur dolly.. 😦
but, ok
need me to love u?
uups! whoa!
wait a minute.
not that simple.
need me to be ur girl?
what makes it different between frenz n ur galz? -.-?
wanna catch me?
i’m free, it wont work.

am i crazy?
maybe, how does it looks? ahaha XD
am i in love?
what the hell r u talking about? -.-‘
will i be in love?
guess, will i? ihihi.. πŸ˜‰
am i different?
i’m just the same like the others.
nothing special.
does i make u feel special?
well, thats my habbit,
sorry if i do.
am i a bad galz?
yupz! well not that ‘bad’
but i do bad,
no use to be close with me.
is this note usefull?
no meanless,
just write cz i’m bored..
ahaha XD
sorry 4 unlucky readers ^^