To my dear sissy, I WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY \(^0^)/

There’s a lot things to do, There’s a lot dreams to reach, There’s a lot story to pass. I wish you’d be strong no matter what.
There’s a lot tears to deal, There’s a lot moment to rejoice, There’s a lot time so precious. I wish your life will always excite you.
Even when u r getting older, u supposed to be more mature, having more responsibility, had a lot of ego you’d find it hard to deal it, I hope u’ll always see the bright side. Because there’s always a blind side of “problems” that would be a “gift” if you see it carefully.

I can’t give you anything so precious.
I can’t buy you such a present as we used to since u’ve been able to buy it yourself.
I can’t promise you such a good line of word since I’m not good in making a good line.
I only can pray for you,

for you to get the best of your life.
for you to reach the dream you have desperately dream of.
for you to gain such a strength to live your life.
for you to have such a precious moments and experiences.
for you to have such a faith, spirit and love.
for you to never have any regret for what have done.
for you to be a girl that you always wish for.

I still remember just the day when we were young and quarrel each other. When i’m always act so childish, and behave so cold toward you. Well,  the fact is I’ve always envy you. People praise you (even my mom :-p). I have no idea when you put me as a role mode. The fact is I’m not better than you. Well, that’s right some said me my self more independent, but to me you are just wonderful and strong.

If we are at the same age, and people are asked to chose between me and you, I believe the chosen is you

Well, the point is: I don’t really know whether you really happy or not, or whether you really enjoy your life or not. But if you’re not, stop doing what u’ll regret. Every time when u stand in front of the mirror, ask your self: “if I gonna die tomorrow, will I regret what I’m doing?”. If the answer is yes, then stop doing it.

You know? You are such a beauty, and mature for your age, you are full of spirit and wise, you look lovely and cute, you act all out and people love you. You are kind and dependable. You are such a best. So enjoy your life, rejoice it. And have the best because you deserve it.

Love you as always sweetie

Sincerely yours,

Your Sissy 🙂