Hello~~ It’s been a while huh? Well, well, finally I can online just anywhere, cause, guess what? I’ve got my new modem! Yaaaay~~ *You can never imagine how gloomy I was when I suddenly lost my internet connection. :LOL:

Anyway, I’m in a huge trouble today because I have to meet my lecture to discuss about my paper about “clustering using Information Theoretic Learning”. I DON’T EVEN HAVE THE DATA! So far, i have do nothing. Now I’m preparing thousand of reason just in case my honorable lecture is asking me “why” for every no progress that I made. *sigh

Enough with the gloomy story! Lets see do i have something else to write?



Ok! I got one. So, once upon a time, I decide to take one subject for this semester. It happen to be “Dasar-Dasar Komunikasi” (The Basic of Communication). AND It happen (again) to look COOL at the first time. So I keep taking that subject. Now I kinda regret it since this kind of thing is totally different from what i have ever take before. I use to learn something exact, so even the analysis is YES or NO are very clear. SO OBJECTIVE. What my problem now? Yeah, what was my problem again? Err.. Okay, my problem is, This “The Basic of Communication” thing is VERY SUBJECTIVE. I have to think as the lecture, the assistant’s way of thinking so I would earn a good mark. Now, HOW THE HELL I COULD UNDERSTAND THEIR WAY OF THINKING?? *sigh *sigh *and another sigh!

Well, that’s for now, gotta take a bath. Ciao! :*