Nite galz ♥♥♥

Now, I’m playing a game titled, get to know your BFF! yaaay~~~

I have 3 BFF:

  1. Cincah
  2. Culun
  3. Mak Jojooo

Since I already talk about culun on my previous post. Now it’s turn for cincah♥. Ready? Here we goooooo!

Who is cincah? cincah is a nick that i use to call my friend since elementary school, originally her name was Rahmadini Putri, and I used to call her puput. So, not only we were going to the same elementary school, we also were going to the same senior high school.

Wait, let me show you her pic ♥

FYI, she was taller than me back when elementary school, but not anymore, WIN! :lol

So, what I knew about her is:

  1. Smart, all smart girl is around me, akakaka
  2. Many boys fall for her
  3. Mature
  4. And when it comes to relationship, she is such a faithful one.
  5. Easy going, carefree
  6. Caring
  7. Proud to be her self
  8. Stylish
  9. Have a great voice 🙂
  10. Goofy
  11. Despite of her being cheerful, carefree, she really know how to cry 🙂
  12. She tend to have a hard time to decide things
  13. easily feel sad and down
  14. Fragile, but always try to be strong
  15. Last, she is talkative

Overall, this is her image in my mind

Well, perhaps I haven’t knew her good enough yet. But, I’m trying my best 🙂