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I believe that you’d agree that this is a real good story. I am amazed of the real Frank Abagnale Jr who manage to live such a wonderful life. And what I’m gonna tell here is not about a review of how good or bad this film, but more to another perspective which I believe most of you will agree with me. (We all know I love different perspective 🙂 )

What did I learn from this film? “Parents are kid’s world”. So if you are a parent, you gonna note this that you guys are everything to us (kid). Indeed, there are many rude kid who doesn’t know how to respect their mama and papa, but obviously there’s some more who’d treasure their parent.

You see frank (leonardo dicaprio), really respect his father. So when their parent divorce, it’s ruin everything. His world rumbled!  He try to fix things. it’s like: “Is it money that snatch my family from me? Then I’ll get those money back and everything gonna back to how it’s was” .

Can you see he’s trying to makes his papa proud and happy? He cherish his family. He love to see his parent dance and all happy. But when he can do nothing at all. When he finally caught, got imprison, being released and brought to a fact that his daddy is dead. His heart is broken. And there’s an officer who have spend time years to capture him. I guess he found a figure that he have been longing for. He found a figure of a daddy. That’s when he calm down, that’s when he cool down.

You see, I’ve been feeling the same before. Our same problem is that we are longing for a figure that would be our parent. We are just a kid. There were time when we need to be spoiled but we couldn’t. We look at others family and feel all helpless.

I believe there are one of you around having the same experience as I did or even worse. We are thirsty, need more love and attention. There are no one around who try to be a mother or be a father for you. And you have no one you can talk to. And maybe when you finally got to get together with your family, things doesn’t work the way it used to.

Now if you are a parent, listen to me. We do not avoiding you. Indeed we just feel awkward. We don’t know, we forget how to be a good kid, how to show our love, how to be spoiled. We are hoping you to come and bring us together. We are hoping you to teach us what does the word “warm families” mean.

And if you are the kid, hang on there! Our parent are just clueless. They don’t know where to make the first move. They though that this is our personality. So keep trying. Erase those line. Stop trying to find another people who’ll be a figure of your “parent” (trust me, I did this many times but it’s really hard to find a replacement  for your parent).

Keep this in mind:

Nobody gonna love you, the way your family would. Maybe it’s not shown in their word or action, but when you see their gaze you’ll understand that you are worthy to be loved.

On my way healing me,