Dear candle, how are you?
.. “Doing better than me eh?”

“That’s a word to describe you”

“You though of someone else”
“In your way try to be somewhat a help”
“If it’s dark, you wish them to see some light”

“But, you always forget”
“That you are just a candle”
“You lit yourself, don’t realize that you are burning your self”

“Once when you feel pain, would be the time when you realize that you almost burn everything”
“And it’s too late to stop”

So dear candle,
Turns out that you are doing better than me huh?
At least it’s not you who lit the fire, just some selfish hand who need some light, with your life at cost.
While me? I am the one who lit my self.
And like a stupid regretting it at the end.