So, I was reading some comic online where in the comic it shows a girl being cute in pajamas while hugging a pillow. And I was mumbling: “That’s cute? I’m always like that!”

My name is “Shayna Vida”. Okay I was lying. *But I love that’s name!*. Let’s skip that name part. Just call me fitri will do. I was born on August ’89. So this year I’m 22, but still have that cute smile and face *wish this is not a lie*

I was born in Indonesia, both my parent are Indonesian, which make me have 0% possibility to say that I am foreigner. But, I was grew up in Malaysia. So yes, I don’t have that typical hatred to Malaysia. *which some foolish Indonesian have (sigh)*

And I don’t really hate my country other than having those rotten politician. Indonesia just have so many culture (which I enjoy). Great nature. And you just can’t get enough of it.

I am living with my parent when I was a child, up until I’m around 9. Then, from that time on I continue living moving from my aunt, grandma, just some relatives. I really live with my mother again around 2nd year of my junior high.

I don’t particularly love or hate some color. But I do love to wear something brown, or nude color. But does it makes me someone who loves brown? The only reason I love brown is because it’s the same color as my skin, dark brown is my eye, dark brown is my hair, chocolate is dark *okay, chocolate is not ALWAYS dark, I know*.

Music? I do love it. But genre? Easy listening? Something pop? R n B? Okay, hold it. Just so you know, I don’t really know about song’s genre. I just randomly chose the song which sounds fun. To put it simply, some song you can dance with it. And before you ask. No, I can’t dance. I do know how to move my body but I’m sure we can’t say it’s look anything like dancing.

Academic? I am not stupid I guess. Yeah, I’m definitely not stupid. Some of my friend said that I’m a genius BUT don’t listen to them. I’m definitely not a genius. Yes, I only study few hours before exam. But my mark is average, I rarely get A in my campus. I ain’t a friend of books, unless it’s novel or comic *haha*

I am lazy, but I love cleanliness. BUT I AM NOT A CLEAN FREAK. I am so lazy that I love to do things the simplest way! Like when I deal with my final project, I hate conventional ways of doing things in excel which I saw as time consuming and spending a lot of energy. So I write down some code in Matlab. Notice that, I hate putting effort unless it is necessary. If there’s others easier way than coding, I might have prefer that others. In short I am trying to say that I am lazy -____-

I love to be on the internet. I won’t promote any site since I know they won’t pay me. I usually check mail, facebook, and stumbling! *I ♥ stumble upon*. Okay wordpress, don’t get jealous yet. I love you too. *satisfied?*

But, I also go to blogspot to stalk my bestie’s blog. (cincah, amy, culun, beware ♥♥)

I love my self, and I love animal, I adore flowers *but too lazy to grew it*. I love cute things, I love craft, I love painting, I love thread, I love crystal, I love bead, I love ART! But I am not an artist *booo*. I’m currently a lost artist whose majoring computer science.

What? Computer Science? You mean like being nerds? Yes! But wait, I don’t like that “nerds” part sound -_______-
Well, anyway I love gadget and something smells tech. I love them so much that I call the “hubby♥”. May I present, my beloved husbands:

My favorite thing is money! Okay, I’m just being real. Don’t get mad yet 😦
I also love pillow! CALL ME PILLOW LOVERS ♥. If you’re staying with me you’ll figure it out that I almost bring my pillow everywhere. When I sit, when I go to others room, when I study, when I relax, and I am hugging a small one rite now while typing. (Anyway, the electricity just being off, I hate it when there’s no electricity).

By the way, I don’t wanna answer those stupid question like “what did you mean everywhere? you also have it with you when you take a bath? Bring one with you to the campus?”. Of course not you dummy! I would like to, but what would society think of me then? -__________-

My hair is curly, and it’s frizzy, bad news is I love to play with it (which will make it frizzier). My body is normal, i’m NOT short, and I am NOT fat. If you guys still consider of being zero size is beautiful, go ahead, just don’t force me to agree with you. That’s totally look’s like someone suffers bulimia to me. Girl is mean to be curvy! Ofcourse it is okay for me to have some meat! 😦

I don’t particularly hate  sugar or sweets, but I can’t handle them well. I deal with bitter food (or drink) better. So I don’t drink or eat too much sweat things. *except for choco* I love spicy food, sometimes I forget that I put to much chilly on my food and get my mother to scold me -_________-“

I prefer veggies and fruit. But that don’t make me a vegetarian, because I DO eat meat. It’s just I prefer sea food for meat. Ah! I almost forgot. Seduce me with food, I can hardly refuse it. I AM A BIG LOVER OF FOOD! I LOVE TO EAT!

Ah~~ Did I mention that I love singing too? I think I forget that one. If my random voice sound like a song then that’s mean I love to sing too!

And the most important secret you should know is I LOVE TEASING! Don’t blame me. Blame my mother and father, in fact blame my whole family. They all love to tease me. So i’ll tease other as revenge! 😉

I don’t have a poker face. But I do have a lot of mask. So, there’s a huge possibility you’ll have different impression every time you see me.

And since my notebook is running out of battery, and there’s no electricity, I’ll just finish this post here! Love you for reading!