Well, people said, no reason needed to fall in love with anything be it person or things. But, history? Indeed there’s a story behind it right? That would be weird if I have ability to fall in love with something I’m unfamiliar with. 😆

I suddenly have an urge to write this down, so maybe in a few part of it, will sound like a drama queen of me. So, if you can’t handle lame-words that I gonna write, feel free to leave 🙂

♥ Butterfly

I guess, no one hate butterfly. Since it’s pretty, though I can’t deny that it’s so fragile which prevent me to play it too much. As for the history, it start long long time ago. Just so you know I have a bad memories, the fact that I remember his story is a great evidence of how mad I fallen for it.

Uhm, to make it short, I tend o be left out among my neighborhood. Well, it’s hard to find a friend on my age and may be babysitting me is not a good option either. Beside, I’m not in my country. So, no family other than mama and papa. I didn’t have any sibling yet.

At time like that, I used to play alone. There’s these bushes where I always look for butterfly. I catch it. Since if I didn’t do it, they will flew away way to high for a 5 years old kid. But, I know I’m hurting them by catching them, so soon after I satisfied being mesmerized by their wings, I’ll let them go.

They never know it maybe, but they were an angle to me. A fairy who let me forget about my loneliness. A friend who play with me to my heart content. And a wind to give me a cool breeze when I’m in anger. From that time on, every time I saw butterfly, I was and still always captivated. Even when I’m breaking down, butterfly never failed o draw a smile an my lips. Butterfly, I ♥ you.

♥ Lotus

I know people love rose. I know people love orchid. But I don’t know are there any people other me who’ll adore lotus the way I do.

It’s hard to fall for something you’ve never touched. Lotus grow on pond, and I can’t swim. I almost killed my self the last time I tried to swim. #lame

So, I used to love rose, for it to be fresh and fragrant. For it to be the language of love. It’s color, the concept about having thorn. Which if I have to imagine a rose as a human, she would be a charming beautiful well-behaved young lady. Easy to be with, but when you tried to pick her, she’ll give “not-just-any-man-can-pick-me” aura. Kinda sexy.

And I used to love orchid. No reason, just love it. If I have to picture it as a human, she would be an elegant young lady who only surrounded by a well lady and man. She’s a bit cold and hard to be with. But once you get her heart, you are one heck of lucky man. She’s loyal, trustworthy,smart,  but high maintenance.

As for lotus. Before I know anything about lotus, I picture it as a normal girl, with normal surrounding. She’s a bit quite, not appealing, not trying to look appealing either. She’s just normal, and quite, well behaved but too serious.

Even so, every time I saw lotus I wonder how does it feels to touch it.
“Why did you have to grow at a place I can’t reach? damn it!”

And I have a personality that quite serious. I have goals. But as a friend, I am easy to be with. I guess dreaming to blossom like a rose won’t be that bad. So I tried. Sometimes I tried way too hard that it looks fake. I wonder why others didn’t realize it. Or maybe they just never bother to?

One day I have a dream. I was choosing a bouquet of flower. And like usual, I’m in the middle of being confuse about which rose I should chose. And out of no where, my mother appear before me giving me a bouquet of these white flower instead. They were beautiful, never see anything better then them. I was so captivated, and I asked my mother, what’s the name of my flower? And there she said: “LOTUS”

I am indonesian, and of course in my dream I speak Indonesian. But when saying the flower’s name, my mother say “Lotus” which is in english.

When I wake up, I still remember that dream. And lotus sound familiar to me, but I still though that “lotus” is a word in indonesian. I google it. Can’t find it.

And then I remember, I know lotus! And they have the same looks too! It’s a name of flower i’m quite pissed with. The one that I can’t touched. But why did my mother said it’s name in English? Anyway, suddenly i have this curiosity over Lotus. Read. Read. Read. And everything change!

Lotus, is not any normal girl. She look normal. But she’s beautiful. Not even rose and orchid can win against her.

Lotus is a girl, who understand very well about life. When she suffer she smiles. Either lucky or not, she’s always thankful. She needs no make up, her beauty is so natural but unnoticed. So once she get dressed, people can”t helped but being captivated. She know how to behave well. She hate noise and ungrateful people, but she never show. She’ll simply put a distance, and that’s all her self-defense. She’s someone who never boast her self, people rarely try to sweet talk her. Maybe it’s even rare to hear other praise her. But deep down, other appreciate and admire her existence. That’s how I see lotus as. A loving girl, trust worthy, down to earth, a bit distance her self, elegance in her own way.

And the best part is, in my dream my mom said: “You’re suited with lotus. More than any flower”

Lotus, I ♥ you.