Heiho! Fin, it’s break time! It’s been a while i can finally enjoy my sleep. Before I even get a few dream about my final exam. But, now it’s over! Second attempt saying bye-bye to uni is done! Yeay~~

Well, it’s kinda embarrassing if I remember how I go through that thing. But pass is pass. Whether I get maximum point or not, as long as I pass lets just say hooray! ^^

There’s still a few paper works to do. But not as depressing as before anymore. Wish I could get everything done quickly. I’m missing my hometown, honestly. I’m missing holiday. You see, as a student on her last semester when you are not going to classes anymore I hardly enjoy holiday. I mean, there is holiday. In fact, everyday is a holiday. But your mind is busy, which prevent you to really get a rest. So, after going through this final exam I feel free. haha.

Anyway, I’m pass.
Lucky me ♥ yaaay~~