Last night, it happened last night.

So, I was feeling sick. I spend the whole day sleeping, just sleeping. Just so you know, I can never sleep in day unless I am sick.

It was 3 p.m, I was on internet and I can’t take it anymore. So I tried to take a nap. Who knows, when I wake up it’s already 8 p.m. Since it’s already night, and I was still feeling sick I decide to continue to sleep. But I woke up an hour later because of thirst.

Uhm, I guess I am not really awake yet. I can’t feel my feet or my other part of boy. I looked at the jar, thank god there’s some water left. I pour some of the water to a glass and put the jar back to where it belongs. And then I drink. But suddenly I heard a sound BANG! when I put down my glass.

Not completely awake I just stood there and being confuse ‘what sound was that?’. Not the jar, not the glass. And suddenly I felt my feet wet, there was some water on the floor. Okay, the jar must have fall. So I searched (the jar) for a while and stood up again with another confusion. The jar is on my table. And it wasn’t look like it just fall.

I decide maybe the jar just fall and out of reflex I already put it on my table, I’m just unconscious about that. So I sit on my bed just to realize there were some water that spilled on my bed. Great. I can only use half on my bed and go to sleep while thinking what and how things just happen. (–‘)