So to say, I was prepared by my mom to be a good bride for having a good attitude. Nah, she doesn’t teach me to cook or to doll my self up. She make sure I have a good understanding of human, being more rational. And maybe I am halfway to be a good bride already.

Don’t know when it start, me and cincaah suddenly end up talking about how we want to have this type of husband. Ah ah, it suddenly trigger my mood to write about my dream family. So let’s get the job done!

As for what kind of man I want to own? That would be a simple man, don’t dress up to much, but know how to look nice. Ah, but I have a thing for a man wearing a necklace though.

And like what you all know, to me all men are scary. Which is why, I want one with protecting side of his. Know when to be dominant and makes me realize that he is a man, knows when he has to let me relax and forget that he is a man. He doesn’t have to give up his life for me, just someone who hold me when I am about to fall and then let me try to walk again on my own. Doesn’t have to be a man who get me to a candle light dinner, but a man who knew that I am afraid of dark and hold my hand when I am in fear. Doesn’t have to be a man that will listen to me, but one who will let talk and correct me when I am wrong. Doesn’t have to be a man who have all people respect, but one who can earn my respect and earn trust from my family. Doesn’t have to be one who really into marriage, but one who realize that marriage is a trouble but chose to get married to me anyway.

We might don’t know each other that well, but yet we both are willing to learn. Isn’t it kind of romantic? A leisure life.

And when we are married someday, I wish him to give me some space. Even when he knew I will always respect him and listen to him, I wish him to let me decide once and then. I just want him to look at me with a smile, and for him to make me his person, the only one whom he let to be around when he is down. I just want such a person to peek into my heart and willing to take me with all my trouble-dark-twisted personality. Not just making me shouldering his problem and left me alone when I need him the most. Not abandoning me and makes me hate the fact that I am still alive all the more.

If there come the time to have kids, please be at home. At least let me have some of your time. Go play around with your guys but remember to take me for a walk when there are some spare times. Let sit at our cozy sofa, let me hear about your trouble at work even when I can’t give any better solution. Rather than going outside which will be tiring, play me some music, guitar or piano. Let’s have our kids around feeling so warm with your music. I’ll cook something to eat, and you will be there too to play with our kids together. Let our kids far asleep as the happiest child on my lap and you will carry them to their bed.

And every breakfast and dinner, lets sit together. Talk about every things and crack same jokes. Because we knew kids grew up so fast and we don’t want any minutes past without moment. Lets make a great them a child.

You don’t have to build me a castle, a small house would do, I will imagine it as a castle. You don’t have to own a car, as long as we are side by side, walking would do. You don’t have to push your self to be romantic too much, hugs and kisses once in a while would do. You don’t have to be there all the time, just let me hear you voice when I need you.

Haha, dream on fitri! As if you can ever find that kind of man :p