Do you know? I always find Korean drama or movies is too mushy, too cheese. But I watch it anyway, why?

It’s mostly impossible plot for me, so I dare not dream about it. But I can’t helped it. Even when I find it too childish and somehow wouldn’t fit me since I basically act mature and only like older guys, I want to experience it. All those childish fight, arguing for nothing, letting him take the lead, forcing him self into my life, taking me out of my peaceful world, all seems so sparkling.

I will runaway and he would make me stay, I will hide faraway buy he would always find me. I might end up cry a lot, but he’ll always there. I yearn for such a life so much.. But then, it seems so far away.. I even fight with my parent because they keep nagging me to get married. Not knowing my worries and dreams, trampling over my feeling, and I end up as the one who say sorry. My world got smaller and even more quite, it feels so lonely. I want to love myself but I don’t even know how. In the end I find myself as such a weak person who curse her own birthday. “if only I didn’t born..”