A foolish dove struggling,
Trying so hard to leave this gold cage.
People keep mocking saying:
“do you even know anything about living?”

She doesn’t even know how to fly,
Even in her dream, she can’t even run.
How does she expect herself to live?

Just because it is a lonely world, just because she knew that this luxury place she has price he freedom,
Just because her feet is tied,
She sings so much about how she resent the world.

And even now when the feet are finally free, even if she want to try flying, her wings are clipped.
So she takes the risk and jump down. Breaking her legs, now she can’t even feel the ground.
Broken legs, clipped wings, in the end she can even get the freedom that she want so much.
Being pitied she is put back at her luxury golden cage. But this foolish dove is just too much in pain to enjoy her cage..