I have a strange dream,

I don’t quite remember but there was part where I am in a group of 3 girls. We were performing some kind of dance and in this dance there was this specific move where we hand a heart shaped paper from one to another. I just happen to be the last person to get that piece of paper.

The first girl is holding the huge and thick, pink, heart shaped paper. She was smiling brilliantly, so stunning, so beautiful. The audience got crazy of her beauty and her smile, they all feel joyous and all clapping their hand. Then this girl hand this heart shaped paper to the girl next to her.

The heart shaped paper remain the same, and the second girl started to dance. It wasn’t as beautiful as the first girl, but still enough to entertain the audience. Her move is finished she hand that heart shaped paper to me.

Suddenly the paper shrink become really really tiny, not even 1 cm wide. It’s become really light and hard to catch. With slight move the wind blew this paper away. I was nervous, clock ticking, few second already passed. Yet here I am making funny move trying to catch this piece of paper. It was hard but at last I managed to catch it. Unfortunately, within a few second it fly away from my hand. I was desperate and started to cry, forget about my dancing move. The two girls beside me tried to improvise so it wouldn’t look odd.

This tiny heart shaped paper, that I try so hard to catch wouldn’t even stay in my hand more than 5 seconds. It was within my grasp, but it flew away no matter how hard I make it stay. In a huge agony I just cry, so hard that I can’t catch my breath.

The music over, Our audience running to us, giving compliment about the smile of the first girl and my tears. They keep praising how beautiful both her smile and my tears. And I gave them my fake smile saying that this idea come from those story of how love gave you both smile and tears. Inside I was screaming, how come my tears look so beautiful to them? I was tormenting inside, bleeding inside, and they find it beautiful? What kind of world is this??

And I wake up.

What a weird dream.. haha.