Have mercy..
I do not have anything anymore to pay when my only happiness have been taken away from me.
I do not have love.
I do not have hope.
I do not have the freedom to dream.
And now, my tiny happiness have left me.

I have nothing to trade..
But will you feel pity to me and mske things easier from me?
I still have emotion, i still have tears, even if its not bright i still have a few smile.
Can i trade it with a peaceful life?
I do not mind being empty, but let me lead a peacefull life instead?
This emotion is all i have, and if its taken then i’ll be even less human but would you be kind and take it away from me?
If i can get a peaceful life in return, this is only a smile price..

I am disgusting right God? But please dont turn away from me..
I am but a dirty trash right God? But please dont throw me away..
I had enough but i’ll try to hold on. But if even you would left me behind, i’d be too sad that tears wont fall, i’d be too crazy thatvmy scream wont make any sound. Have mercy.. I am but a weak being, please help me..