if you ever say those words again, I swear I will leave.
Somehow I’ll find away to leave. Leave and never get back.

I’ll be all alone, and your life would be better since I am not there. I’ll feel scared and tremble in fear, but you’ll rejoice since the trouble that used to cling on to you are no longer there.

I can’t bring myself to talk to you. Never again. I wont talk about me, not about my need, but you wont miss talking to me. after all, I am your worst child. One that you wish not to ever happen in your life.

Why am I this bitter?
Why am I this cruel?
Why am I this ugly?
What happened to me?
You. You, mom. You happened to me.
You keep on rejecting me, refusing me, untill I reach a point where I believe that you wish I never exist.
And you never know.
Becausd I am a villian, and will always be.
I am sorry that I exist.
I am sorry for everything.
But it’s really scary. Ah.. why would you care right?
Whether I die, or feeling scared, you would have never care..