All we did was talking, but I realize that I am dreaming right away because it’s just too good to be true.
All you did was looking, but I realize right away that you dont want me because the very sight of me drive you mad.
All you did was answering my question when there are people looking, but I realize right away how much you want me gone.

And all I ever did was asking you to accept me for who I am, but all my life you’ve always been manipulated me and gone mad when things didnt goes your way.

It’s cruel the way I see things my way. But you should’ve seen how much I want you take my breath away.

Are you being kind? Well, surprise, you are locking me away. Are you trying to fix me? well, surprise, you are killing me slowly till I hope you’d just choke me right away. Do you think you are the kindest and the most people who ever got hurt. Well, surprise you are not that kind. You have never accept me.

This ugly me, it’s you who created it.
This disgusting me to exist, it’s all thanks to you.
When I deserve nothing, how on earth will I ever feel sorry? When I have to take the blame of everything, how do you expect me to keep on flying?

There’s temptation of ‘what if..’, everytime I find how much you despise me. really. I cant help but keep on wondering, “what if…”