One day,
one day you’ll realize how cruel you’ve been. And when you did, I won’t be around, I won’t be in any place thay you could reach. Even if you want to apologize, you will never get the chance. When that moment comes, you will miss me, a lot.

One day, you’ll regret ever saying that I made a mess of your life. You’ll see how much I’ve tried. You’ll realize that there are things that used to be unseen. You’ll beg for it, you’ll give up anything just to have the luxury to complain. But, there are no word that could ever bring me back. You’ll regret for ever saying things that you’ve ever said, and I won’t be able to be there anymore, not even for a second just to let you say sorry.

One day, one day you’ll see how much of luxury I’ve always tried to give. One day you’ll get to understand how I tried my best to give the best in every awkward position. You’ll see I wasnt wrong, you’ll know I was just trying to be a good girl. You’ll be so angry to yourself and I wont be there to be your blacksheep.

Soon. sooner than you expect you might lose me forever, sliping right through your finger, got snatch right in front of your very eyes. Thats how I feel everytime I lose you after going through so mucg to put us together.
You’ll be afraid of loosing me, you’ll beg me to open my eyes, you’ll hold my hand tight and calling me out. But I won’t have so much things to look forward to, so I wont bother to try living. God might live you by taking me away or letting me stay, but if I ever open my eyes, you’ll miss the girl that already left. She wont be around, she wont be in me. At that moment you will pray and pray, you’ll give everything just to have me back. But not even you, not even you could summon a dead soul back to life. I would smile and laugh and pretend to be happy, while you would keep saying that it’s okay for me to cry. The thing is, right when my soul die, I’ll be blind, deaf, and mute to the world. You’ll need to remind me of how loved I used to be but nothing will ever work. there will never be happily ever after and that’s how the story end.