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Some people say that I’m too relax given my situation. Some say that I’m dark and twisted, other say that I’m too bright like never been in a mess. Ever heard this sentence: “There are nobody alive that have no problem in his life. If he says so, then he must be a great liar”.

It just that I have faith in Allah. I am not always thankful for His decision but I AM thankful for every part of life that’s given to me.

It just that for every single puzzle that is missing in my life, I trust that Allah is waiting the right time to give me that puzzle. Maybe giving it to me when I’m not ready will resulted in me losing that piece instead.

It’s not easy at all, that’s why I said that I am not always grateful and thankful. I am not always having faith in His decision, but I do believe that he give me the best. That’s it.