The damages are irreversible. To both of us, the pain is unbearable. I always have to listen to your nagging of how much of a failure I am, but have you tried to listen mine? Instead of complaining, have you ever tried to fix it? Because I no longer be able to fix myself you see..

to me, shamelessly trying to reach is no longer could I when I knew very well how much you want me gone?
To me, trying to talk to you is no longer an option. How could I, when I knew very well my words never reach you? So I will stay this way, in a world where wetting is black and white and I would just sit lazily while watching everyone moving toward something. Yes, to me, the time is stopping. Unfortunately you will no longer hold the power to make the clock tick. But guess what? I no longer want the time to move. In fact, it would be nice if my time is up and I’ll die..