You know what the mirror says about me?

It says that I am too afraid of being left. Why? No one left me, I am the one who always walk away. None of them left me, I let them go, isn’t both of them are different?

I am happy for the fact that someone mention my name, over the fact that somebody remember one of their moment with me. For the fact that someone need me. So maybe that’s why, unconsciously I always gave my all helping people, listening to their story, become a place where they could run to and have some rest. It’s could become tiring beyond words, but above all, I was helping me by doing so.

It was my way of proving that I am exist It was my way to assure myself that people will remember me. It was also my way of saving myself from having so much free time to look at myself at the mirror.


I am currently feeling empty, helpless, and tired.

ah.. would be nice if I just fall asleep and never wake up.