Beautiful isn’t it? Just like a diamond, that’s how I treasure it, my happiness. It’s because I know how expensive it is, It’s because I remember what I’ve gone through just to have my hand on it. It’s precisely because I know at least that much, I dare not to ask for more.

So I embrace it, carefully while trying to hide my fear that it will leave me. That’s why I see things better than most people. That’s why I handle hardship better than most people. That’s why, I can smile no matter how hard it would be. Wisdom comes from hardship isn’t it? So each time I fall, I fool myself into thinking: This is just a price, for I am to be a better person. I should be thankful that the price is JUST this much.

Remember when I like to associate myself with butterfly? Because in reality, that is me. Those beautiful and fragile wings is my happiness. It help me fly, It allows me play with the wind. Every time I see my fragile wings, I keep my reason together to never ask for more. This is just enough. But, it’s hard you see. I am not living in a tropical garden. I’m living in a place with no shelter with extreme weather changes. So I am trying my best here just so I wont lose my wings. But, even so, can live have some mercy on me? I’m dying trying my best here while death keep on charming me, won’t you have some mercy?