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I was having fun googling about dream interpretation for writing for this post. So while i was googling, I came across this site for dream interpretation (psychiclibrary.com) that is really fun tor read. And I am going to pick some that are match to mine and post it here.

  1. Being Abandoned
    From what I read, it seems that I was separated from someone who is responsible for my safekeeping. Or maybe i was carrying around deep-seated feeling of neglect and emotional rejection. Well, that explain why I have a huge self-hatred anyway *laugh*
  2. Being Chased
    ..in general, it shows that i am having trouble dealing with reality or maybe in denial about something (like part of myself that I wish to reject).
  3. Death Dream
    It seems that I was lucky for waking up when i dream that I was dying. It seems like this dream represent of an emotional scar. (God just how much emotional scar did I have??). Anyway, this dream is asking me to start a new, and start a new. Shall I?
  4. House Dream
    I have this kind of dream a lot.. Like what?

    • Childhood home: A need to reconnect with family
    • Attic: A need to deal with the memories from the past
    • Hidden Room. Unfortunately there are no description on this site, but mostly my dream are about hiding in a hidden room that only known by me.
  5. Water Dream
    Flood! Flood! Flood gentleman! And rain! And mad ocean! Are you trying to kill me??? *mad*
    Ahem! So this is the interpretation of those dream:

    • Flood: Emotionally overwhelmed or Emotional chaos and turbulence are starting coming to the surface (most likely true)
    • Rain: Great sadness. -____________-
    • Mad ocean: Negative emotion.
    • Waves: Moving toward or being carried away by your goa

For now, that’s it! thanks for reading guys!