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Unlike the other dream of going abroad where I end up not going because I forgot my ticket, or end up waking up when I am inside the plane, this time I do get to see the destination country. And unlike before where I always travel alone, this time I go to that place with my dad. Of course just like all of my dream, I end up having problems there. The problem was, it seems like we only have return ticket with us and a few of money (that barely enough for the day). It wont be much of problem if it just me alone, but I am there with my dad. Even though I did meet with some of my friend, none of them offer me a helping hand. So I tried my best to put his need before mine.

But then suddenly one of my sister are with us, the sickly one. So when I finally get someone to lent us a place to stay for the night, it was outside of their house (in the veranda). Alas, it is winter right now, so I decided to let my dad and my sister use all the pillow and blanket to warm their bodies and leaving me none. Then the storyline got messed up. Suddenly it just about me and my sister.

At that point I was standing near a man, a good looking one. I could care less about how his physical feature are if it not for my sister. She just have to keep on staring at this man with that mesmerizing look as if she is looking at a prince in the fairytale. So, half-jokingly I told that man to stop tempting my sister because it’s annoying. He just smile at me and say some word that I couldn’t remember.

And then the scene change again. Somehow, the man from the previous scene already become my man. How? Why? Huh? I’ll just refers him as my man from now on, k? So my man was unbelievably good looking that every eyes try to approach him. The funny thing is, he turn out to be a really cold person that he turn down even the most beautiful one coldly like it was nothing. But it gave me a superior feeling when he smile and laugh gently to me, just to me. All we did was talking about the coffee that he drink, but he keep on looking at me gently while smiling like he was oozing with happiness.

And I wake up.

Now that I mention it, lately I keep on having a dream involving a man as my lover. Just the other day, I was dreaming that I was touching my man face gently while he lean his self toward me. It’s blurry but the feeling is vivid.

Maybe we can say that I was a good dream?