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It’s kind of funny when I heard about people sleeping habit. My teacher once complain to me about his husband sleeping habit that is new to her since they just got married. The picture above is much better in comparison to her husband. This man have a habit of moving around rotating his body clockwise. Thus, my teacher got kicked out of the bed frequently and got angry at her husband until she is too tired to complain anymore.

Another case is my best friend (a girl). She is also just get married. So on the wedding night, since they were to tired that day, they just decided to sleep i off. Unfortunately for the girl, her husband kicked her out of the bed (again the woman being kicked). So in the morning, I have to listen to her nagging a lot about her husband while having the husband (who is also my friend) laughing out loud.

My case? Well, I am never in relationship as free as other so we never sleep together. But I do sleep with girls and family. Well, I am also one of the victim that always treated as a pillow or getting pushed to the wall or getting kicked by their wild moves. It’s not just happening while I am asleep unfortunately. Even when I was standing, a friend would randomly hugs me from behind and fall asleep *HEAVY!!!*. When I complain about it, they say that I gave this feeling of sleepiness so people like to hug me and go to sleep. Problem? Yes! Why? People are heavy!! And stop treating me like a pillow. I breath and moves. It’s uncomfortable to have others hands and legs all over your body. But then again, complaining would bring me no where so I guess it’s my fate then.. *sigh*