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If before (see post here) I am not entirely conscious of things, last night I can tell very well that I was dreaming. The mystery is, how or more likely why did I have such a weird dream. I don’t really recall what my dream was last night unless for one part, a loud noise, “BANG!”. I heard this noise for about 3 times. At first I was afraid and couldn’t tell where did the noise come from. It’s loud enough to wake the entire people in this house.

Before I explain any further, I’ll give a rough explanation about my house. Our house consist of three floors: the first floor is where we live, the second floor and the third floor are places that we rented. Originally, both of the house on the second floor is rented. But since the first floor become too cramped, my parent decided to make one of the house on the second floor for our use. Therefore, my room is moved to the second floor along with laundry room and second living room where you watch TV. The house next to me is currently empty since the old tenant just decided to move. That is to say, I am the only person currently living on the second floor. Got the rough picture the situation yet?

I am a scaredy cat to begin with. I like to put a strong face because I hate to be laugh at. To live alone at the second floor of course is scary. Not to mention the tenant on the third floor like to make some random noises at night. Thanks to that I always let my imagination run wild before I finally realize that it just the people upstairs. And so the horror begin. I woke up in the middle of the night since I heard a loud sound like: “BANG!”. I started to think that something is happening so I can’t sleep for a while. Then I got tired and eventually fall asleep again.

Just in a few minutes, the second noises sounds again. Unlike the first one, I can describe clearly what kind of sound it was. It’s like the sound of a huge rock being thrown to the floor at full force. Since I knew what I heard, I can go to sleep just fine. But then, I heard the third noises and it was pretty near. If the first and the second noise sound like it come from the third floor, this one comes from the wall above my head.  Now, that is a big question. WHAT WAS THAT?


That’s a big question! Who can make that noise?? Even if it’s within the day, you’ll need a ladder to climb to that position and knock the wall with something with full force. Who would do it in the middle of the night? That tiny space is also within my neighbors house gate and that particular place is not a place where you can throw some random rock. However I tried to make a possible conclusion, there are none! So what happen next? I decided the usual nightmare prank is happening so I can’t sleep anymore.. *sigh*