I’m screwed!!! GAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Damn Brain

So, lately my brain invent a new prank theme especially made just for me. Remember how I used to tell that I’m afraid of human? Remember how I used to said that I find people being all touchy is scary (all the more a hug)? Well then, since I hate it so much, why not make me go through all that in dream? No! I have this kind of guilty feeling after every dream alike. Mommy~~ *cry*

So, the title is: “Warmth Seeker“, how cool is that? So in every dream I become a clingy girl (WHAT?) who’ll crawl to every man as long as their body is still warm. What in the world have I become. It’s not just kinda clingy, it’s super clingy! Not to mention me being all touchy feeling. My Image, my image, my brain is messing up my cool image. No!!

*run away*