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Last Night I was having say, a nice dream. Of course just like most of my dream, the story is really mess up where I keep jumping from I scene to another scene. But, out of all of the scene there was this scene that I found quite nice.

In this scene, I was at somewhere near the cliff. At one look, it seems that there is a stair right near the cliff. I was at the end of the cliff with cc and embeb watching the winds playing with some of dandelion that grow near the stone by the end of the cliff. Near those dandelion, there were this green caterpillar that looks like dandelion a lot. Given out curiosity and love to the nature, we decided to take a closer look. Cc run to the stair to get closer to that stone where the caterpillars are crawling. Me, loves taking a shortcut, decided to climb up the gate and then climb down to that stone since it doesn’t look that dangerous. Embeb, who like to follow me, decided to do the same when she see me climb up the gate.

The thing is, it wasn’t as safe as we thought it would be. Behind the gate, it seems that the distance of the edge of the cliff that we are about to step and the nearest stairs is just like half a meter. The real distance was 5 meters or more. I who was thinking that It might be all my imagination, decided to climb down until my position is exactly between the land and the edge of the cliff. Hey! The land seems to be much further now. That.s when I started to think twice.

We (me and embeb) were not wearing any safety tools so obviously if we happened to lose our grip we’d end up with a broken ribs and bone at least. Well,  there was something that looks like a rope. Since that rope looking thing is a root of some plant, it suppose to be strong enough to hold our weight. Embeb decided to use that root, but I just can’t bring myself to touch it. You see, this root looks like it’s alive! It keeps on wriggling and ugh, gross! So i decide to trust my hand and climb down carefully while cc keeps on screaming, worried that I fall.

Well, luckily, We managed to climb down safely. But we end up forgetting to see that caterpillar.

Then, I wake up.

Haha, the adrenalin rush was great. The scenery was great. That dream itself was great on its own way.