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I was having a terrible day where my lecture just gave me a red mark. Feeling all tired, I crawl back home to the hostel where I live after running away from home. There I am feeling all lost because the hostel I am staying is burning to crisp. How can I survive now? Everything is burned! So I just stand there in front of the fire while laugh, This is a dream right?.

That’s right, I was reading about lucid dream before. There’s a way to make sure whether this is a dream or reality. So I took my cellphone out of my pocket while my friend is clinging so hard to me stopping me from taking my cellphone. Well, somehow I manage to took my cellphone and look at the time: 13:30. Ah.. wait. It suppose to be morning now.. I think I wake up a few minutes ago and it was 1 am. Ah! So it is a dream. A lucid dream? Yeay! Lucky! Now, what should I do?

That’s right, what should I do? And my eyes wide open! Ah, I forget, most of the time I realize that I am dreaming, I would wake up right away. But it was so close!!! *umph*. Will you let me have a lucid dream next time? Please? Please? *cry*