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I suspect that the most handsome man in my family, my dad, has a liking toward fat and chubby woman. Mom used to be really soft (fat) around 12 years ago and dad was really satisfied with that. Now that I grew bigger and have a normal yet slightly big tight, dad will always ask me to eat each time he get the chance. This is the typical conversation that happen all the time

First case:

Dad: sweetheart, have you eat your breakfast?

Me: uh.. I’m not hungry yet. Maybe later.

Dad: Why? Are you sick? Got no appetite? Want me to feed you?

(fyi, I really like to be feed by dad since I was small up until now. Yeah, kinda embarrassing to be feed by your parent even when you are not sick at this age but I don’t care. What can I do? Food taste a lot better when dad feed it to me)

Me: No. I’m not sick. Ah, forget it. I’ll eat on my own.


Second Case:

Dad: Sweetie, have you eat your breakfast?

Me: I did, I was hungry right when I woke up so I ate right away.

Dad: I see.. It’s been hours since then right? Why don’t you have another breakfast?

Me: Dad.. I’m not hungry..

Dad: I’ll feed you. There’s vegetable too. Here.

I like veggies and plus dad is feeding me, I’ll end up with 3 or 4 spoon.


Third Case:

Dad: You are going on diet? Why eat so little? Eat some more. Here, another spoon of rice.

Me: Dad! No! I can’t finish THAT much. I don’t wanna eat more than necessary anyway.

Dad: Tsk. So you ARE on diet?

Me: I’m pretty fat dad.. My friend (guy) keep telling me that I’m chubby. I have a big tight and arm too

Dad: Hey, if you lose more fat you wont be attractive anymore. I feel sorry for the man who’s going to be your husband. When he touch you, it’s doesn’t feel nice since most of it are bones.

Me: Dad, look at me. Try touching me will you? I’m already a fatty *sigh

Dad: No you are not. Here, eat some more

Me: (speechless)


Forth Case:

Dad: Have you eat yet?

Me: No.. maybe a little later. My stomach ulcer is acting up. Eating now would only be painful.

Dad: I see.. Shall I help you take the rice then? Wait here.

Me: (holding dad’s hand, begging) Dad.. No.. I’ll take it later. It’s too painful to eat now. Later. Okay? Later..

Dad: uhm.. Make sure you’ll eat okay?


Fifth Case:

Usually happen around 4-5 p.m

Dad: Have you eat yet?

Me: Of course I have dad.. It’s 4 p.m..

Dad: How many time?

(case A, only ate RICE once)

Me: Uhm.. Once? But it was around lunch time..

Dad: Just once? Go eat right now! You should’ve eat rice twice by now!

Me: But dad, I eat bread in place of rice. It should be fine..

Dad: Really? Bread is not good enough.

Me: Dad, I’m not hungry.. Just let me off the hook..

Dad: Sigh, okay (dissatisfied).


(case B, already ate rice twice)

Me: I think I already ate twice. I’m not gonna hear you ask me to eat again. I’m not hungry.

Dad: You know, it’s better to eat more than less. You shouldn’t count how many time you’ve eat.

Me: But Dad..

Dad: Understand? It’s okay if you eat again right now

Me: (speechless)


Last Case:

Dad: Have you eat your meal yet sweetie?

Me: No, I’ll eat later.

Dad: Why? It’s not good to skip your meal time!

Me: I’m not skipping, I’m going to eat at my regular eating time. If I eat irregularly, my tummy will hurt.

Dad: It’s okay. Just eat now.

Me: Mooooom (giving her a puppy eyes)

Mom: Darling, why are you forcing her to eat? Her stomach will hurt if whe eat now. Didn’t she say so?

Dad: (looking at me). Hmm.. I guess so..



It’s suspicious right? He really like to see me eating when I’m not even thin or sickly. In fact, for average Indonesian I have a normal upper body and slightly wide lower body (huge tight). In my campus, most of my friend are thin and have a thin body figure. They might seem thin but when you touch them, surprisingly they have quite a lot of fat. It doesn’t seem so since their bone is really thin too. Among them, I am one of those with large body figure so boys tend to tease me and call me fatty. Of course it doesn’t mean as an insult but it still bother me. Who would’ve imagine that my father would find me thin and ask me to have more fat.. *face palm*

Thus, I conclude that the best man in my family really prefer a fat woman. Ah, most woman on the world gonna like my dad. Ahaha.