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You know about “Don’t be that guy” Campaign where some of them use a disney cartoon picture and see things from other perspective where instead of romantic, what happened is considered rude instead? They wrote a line about things that shouldn’t be done along with the words Don’t be that guy. It’s very interesting indeed someone could come with that idea. I mean, I never imagine to use a picture of disney movie that way. After all, they are all about beautiful-romantic-love, isn’t it?

For some unknown reason, I feel like posting those picture here. Not all of them are pictures taken from scene in disney movie, but the point is Don’t be that guy. Here it is, enjoy!


source: vancitybuzz


source: vancitybuzz


source: vancitybuzz

weird.. I couldn’t find these Don’t be that guy Campaign in disney picture. I’m sure I seen it before on 9gag long long time ago. Sorry guys, this is it for now. When I found some others I’ll update it. I promise :’)

So, thank you for coming. Have a nice day ♥