If the heart and brain can talk, I wonder if mine would be in a constant disaster..

I want to disappear! I WANT to disappear! I WANT to DISAPPEAR! I WANT TO DISAPPEAR!!

Hush baby, hush. Stop saying nonsense

Let me kill myself!!

Sleep-talker only talk on their sleep. Go have some sleep.

Will you ever listen to me? Just once maybe? It’s hurt when even you, part of me, never listen to how I feel.

I did listen to you. I do understand how you feel. We are one after all aren’t we?

Then why won’t you ever say that you are mad? Why did you let other misunderstood? Why don’t you let yourself got angry and mad? Don’t you ever feel sad? THEN TRY TO CRY! Cry in front of them so they understand how we feel!!

..and what happen if that hurts them? Aren’t they precious to us? Don’t we want to protect their happiness?

..They are precious..

Then hang in there. Keep trying to breath even when it’s the most impossible things. Just live and take the burden. It’s sad but we can do it. Maybe that what our existence meant to be. Maybe we just never meant to be happy. I accept that, you should too.

..but it hurts..

..I know..

..it hurts so much that I can’t breath..

..I know…

..It hurts so much that I’d rather die..

.. I.. know..

..you know..? But you still want us to suffer..?

.. I am.. sorry..

..don’t you love me at least?

.. I am.. sorry..

… okay. Then will you at least love me in our dream?

..you sure you’re okay with just that?

Do I have another choice?

.. No.. I’m sorry

Then at least please love me in our dream.

Okay.. I’m sorry and thank you..