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This is the most bizarre dream I’ve ever have lately. The dream is very random and it keeps jumping from one scene to another with a totally unrelated theme. At one point, the dream became so weird that it woke me up. I’m awake from those dream out of confuse.

I have a close friend, her nick among us is ‘Cul‘. In this dream, a junior of her send me a package contains of an envelope, a small package and a letter. I read those letter and understand that this package is meant to be send to Cul. This junior send it to me in hope that I can hand this package to Cul in person so I’ve got no choice. It also say a few things that I need to tell to Cc. Great, now I have reasons to meet them.

It just happened that cul is coming to Indonesia that day so cc and I decide to wait for her at the airport. This is where the series of odd things happen. Cul’s old flame just happen to arrive at the same airport a few minutes earlier than her. Yeah, that’s not weird. The probability of people meeting at the airport without plan is quite high anyway. Not to mention that we are from a tribe that travel a lot. The weird part is that cul know this guy is around when they haven’t even communicate for years. How on earth did that happened?

Another strange things is when she land off, cul hurried to the lounge and search for this guy like crazy. She doesn’t even realize me and cc calling her while waving our hand and holding this sign “Welcome Home CUL!!“. Ready for the next surprise? SHE RUN TO THIS GUY AND HUGS HIM! I mean she is never such a person so that is really odd. Me and cc scream a little since we were so surprised.

Then she show him this goofy and cute expression when the guy is surprised to be hugged suddenly by a stranger. But you know what? He smile sweetly and hit cul’s head lightly with that loving stare. Me and cc can’t stop our jaw from dropping! The impossible scene just keep popping out one after another and we are at lost. Seriously, it feels like they both are making a prank at us.

And the dream end with the most bizarre dream where this man is chasing cul, running around playfully like they are at the beach. Yeah, that scene where lovers are running after they sweetheart at the coastline, that exactly what happened. All eyes can’t help but stare at them. Can you imagine how confused me and cc was? I was so confuse that it woke me up. When I finally awake, I can’t help but laughing out so loud imagining what would cul say if she knew about my dream. LOL.

So cul, that’s was my dream the night before. Ah, that man refers to this guy *R**, you surely know who he is. Maybe that’s a sign that you guys might end up together after all. Hehe