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Frayed Rope

You are.. the safe home I’ve never had.

No, you are not a wall that hides me from those eyes. No one ever were.

No, you are not a roof that keeps me from the rain. No one ever were.

No, you are not a warm bed that let me sleep. No one ever were.

No, you are not anything that ever protect me. No one ever were.



Now that I no longer have the ground, I’m floating and I got sick of it. Sadly whenever I started to give up hope I see a tiny tiny fragile rope, frayed one, and that’s you. The only one that powerful enough to stop me for a while just by mere remembering your name, that’s you.

source: Wanderlusion

However I hate this unbreakable red string of fate. No matter how much we wonder around, no matter how much I tried to cut it, it’s still there. Stubborn just like me, the thread is still there. we both know that we wont complete each other. We both know that we won’t end up together. But each time, when one – more likely me – try to break this string, another would somehow stop it.

So I gave up trying so much to break those bond. Instead, whenever I’m so terribly tired, I’ll just lay there. I’ll close my eyes, I’ll let the tears flow, I’ll chant you name – like a spell of magic.

Since I’m so tired and feels like drowning in the middle of nowhere between the darkness, this string is the only things that stubbornly keep me in place. At least I do not feel like a floating balloon, going with the wind blows..