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My hometown a.k.a the small village where I was born is currently a quiet place. There used to be a lot of villager when I was small but since we are one part of the tribe that travel – abroad – a lot, only some of  us remain there. Even though it was loud an noisy when I was small, there were and still are par of the village that is very quite and kind of scary.

The name of this place is Guguak Tinggi. It has only one way in and one way out. Strange thing is our village is protected by something so whenever stranger come to steal from our places – we are well known for our bussiness in gold – those stranger would get lost, not knowing how to get out. Well of course, other than the way in, Guguak tinggi is circled by a canyon. We are surrounded by forest, some of those are a wild one, and they are connected to the canyon.

This is why whenever I have nightmare, mostly those nightmare take place at my own village. It’s usually at the deep forest that I hate, or a jungle that I find scary or a jungle by the edge of the cliff. But today, my nightmare is taking place at my father’s house which located at the heart of the village. The house itself is scary but the position of the house isn’t. Well, it just a normal house but with a lot of rooms. This house used to be lived by a huge family but now most of them are gone. Some stay at Australia, but most of them in Java. As for my dad, we live near the central of the city. It’s easier to make a living here.

I don’t really remember what happened but I was inviting my friend to sleep over, like the whole class. We talk and I decide to leave them to explore the house. My main focus was to eat strawberries that usually grow at the garden on the back. In real life, those strawberries grow like a weed and I can harvest a lot of them each week. Unfortunately in this dream, most of the plant are dying and I can’t find any strawberries. I don’t know what happened after that but I know I was scared so I wake up.

It’s been a while since my last nightmare where I am inside this house. I hate the house, I don’t really like the people who live in it. So, naturally this kind of nightmare annoy me more than scaring me.

Ahaha, I know there’s nothing to tell from this dream but I feel like writing it. So, that’s it for now. Rise and Shine peeps! Good Morning, have a nice day!