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This week is a fun and busy week for both my sisters and my mom. We are currently repainting our house from a typical worn out white walls to a brand new luxury orange-yellowish color. The result are nice though I am quite bothered by my room that become darker compare to when our wall is white. Well, as the old saying picture speaks a thousand word, I decide to post some picture of them here. I am still not much of a photographer but I knew a bit of Adobe Photoshop. So these pictures wont look so plain I retouch it here and there. Sorry if I edited them too far.

Let us start with the preparation! The one responsible for mixing the paint and water is Warda, the bigger one. We are using a paint by Catylac.


…and the preparations are DONE! It’s time to paint!! Warda is using a kind of brush that looks like a roll. She moves around so much and so focuses so it’s really hard to take a proper picture of her. This is the only picture of her (alone) that I can take:

meanwhile the youngest is using a smaller type of brush and she moves pretty slow so it’s easier for me to take her pic. Introducing, NURUL!
100_9212..did u realize that they are wearing a very fashionable hat? Yeah, a PLASTIC BAG! Yesterday, we are having a hard time cleaning their hair that are accidentally painted. These plastic bag saves us the effort. Yeay!

If you were to fight guys, I’m gonna stop both of you from painting! Warda, you are going to paint this part. Nurul, that part.”, said mama while pointing her fingers. Ma’am, yes ma’am! No fighting~~

“But wait, before we paint it properly, lets make some random picture on the wall. Hey, why not stamp our hand?”, said Warda to the youngest. That is when the wall started to have full stamp of hand print. Luckily I catch them red-handed!
100_9181Hand’s print every whereee. FUN!

And finally, the painting start 🙂

unfortunately I only manage to take Nurul’s pic, but oh well, better than nothing huh? She is so focus on painting that she forget to stop me from taking her pic with a very silly head cover. She is in charge of the lower part of the wall since she is so tiny (short). These are her busy and fun moment:

Well then, did they paint properly? Surprisingly yes! Our house is currently so mess up since we have to temporarily move our stuff here and there in a hurry. How can we not, these little angle just hook up by this big canvas for them to paint and keep on nagging to get to paint every corner of the wall. I’ll post our house new look once the painting all done, but for now that’s it! Thanks for reading pal. Have a nice day ♥