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Once upon a time, there live a little frame who loves everything. Each time it loves something or find something precious, it’ll pretend that it could takes a picture and store this very picture inside itself (inside the frame). May the memories never fade, it says. May I get to protect them in my own way, it says. But unfortunately for this frame, what can a mere frame do to protect anything? It is nothing but a tiny frame with a glossy glass.

So this poor frame, just tried with all its might to make sure its imaginary picture inside would be safe. If there’s fire, as long as the picture would stay safe, it’s okay for the frame to got burn. Is that possible? No, because the cruel fate says, that nothing could be done to save those picture even if it sacrifices itself. Misunderstanding that it did a good job, the frame dream that may one day all it sacrifice would worth something. That maybe one day, the owner of those picture might come to recognize and love it.

Foolish frame fails to realize, that the so called picture is also burned when it burns. Foolish frame fails to realize, that the so called picture is no longer recognizable. It holds its tears for being blamed. It holds its sadness for being worthless. But like that is not enough, every lips keep on blaming it for every tiny mistakes. Like it’s not suffering enough, every eyes keep on looking at it with disgust. So this worn out frame finally turn to god and question, Lord why did I even exist? For what purpose? If I am the worst existence ever exist why did you let me live? Won’t that be cruel to my owner? Can you trade my existence with his happiness? I am happier to never exist if it means I can give them a smile.

Foolish worn out frame keep on begging for mercy, for the Lord to take it away. But would lord grant its one and only wish? Unfortunately this is no Disney movie, this is no a princess story. Just like the poisoned apple in the snow white story, this frame has no purpose but just as a burden. At least that poisoned Apple is a reason for the beautiful princess to meet his prince.. What a sad tiny frame..

source: shutterstock