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Guess what? I finally change the header of my blog! I can’t remember how long I’ve been using the old one, but I’m sure it’s been years since I like the old header and too lazy to make a new one. Another reason is that my photoshop skill is far from intermediate level, so to make a new one takes a hugeee effort.

Thanks to being at home for so long and being super bored, I ended up reading a few ebooks  about random things. I started with learning about photography, psychology and finally photoshop. Of course I do read other things beside those but they are not worth mentioning. Anyway this is how my old header looks like:
header-blogand this is how the new header looks like:
..notice the difference?

I certainly realize that the new one look less colorful compare to the old one. The thing is, I only stick my picture on the old header. The rest of them are vector that I find online. For the new look, I did just put together random stuff that I find cute. But who knows that even MERELY putting them together take hours for me. *sigh*

Anyway, for those who need to use those vector, just click on the pictures below:

  1. Android Logo Vector:

    source: preyproject.com

  2. Photoshop Logo Vector:

    source: psd100.com

    source: bloggerapayangkamumau

  3. Facebook Logo Vector:

    source: fblovepictures

  4. Stumbelupon Logo Vector:

    source: southern-born-and-bred

  5. Twitter Logo Vector:

    source: lookoutfarm.com

  6. WordPress Logo Vector:

    source: icons.mysitemyway.com

    source: findicons.com

    source: icons.mysitemyway.com

  7. Camera Vector:

    source: flaticon.com

    source: clipartbest.com

And that is all, I hope it would be useful for you. Btw I have another version of the header that I currently use. I like it but maybe not as much as the one on top of my blog. Here how it looks:

That’s it for today, Love!