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Why ignorance? Because people tend to mark you with a “this is more like you” or “that is not like you” trend when they don’t even bother to know you. Ignorance, eh?

Look what I found on 9gag:
I think that was a quote from Batman, wasn’t it? Of course since it’s 9gag people ruin the post with some rude comment but my point is, people like that DOES exist. Just because it’s easier to exploit their lack of response doesn’t mean it’s okay to go overboard. These people don’t necessarily have to be that shy introvert geeky guy. They could be your typical outgoing fun and friendly cool neighbor. Sometimes, it is exactly because their personality is so relaxing that makes them easier to be with.

I am not saying I am one of those people, but other does brand me as a happy-go-lucky friendly girl who knows nothing about hardship PLUS a good listener. Well is that true? Bullshit. If I know nothing about hardship I wouldn’t be a good listener. If I know nothing about sadness and the feeling of being left alone, I wouldn’t be so friendly. If I know nothing about the hardship of surviving in out social life, I wouldn’t try to be a happy go lucky type of girl. I just do not get angry much, I do not correct other unless it is necessary and I do not find my “kindness” is too much of effort. That’s the general idea.

If there was time when I chose to not say a word, most of the time I am taking a step backward because it do not harm me much and it benefit other whom I care about a lot. It doesn’t mean I couldn’t take a step forward, I just voluntarily chose to prioritize your happiness over mine. So when other takes it for granted and overstep their boundaries, I do get angry. The thing about people who hold back, they are scary when the got angry. Do not let their smile and friendly face deceive you. Once they start to say words, you might not ever recover from it. Why? Because they spit out the truth, in the cruelest way where you can’t say any come back and have to swallow the bitter truth but in the hardest way. I am one of the example of that cruel person. People generally find me kind and friendly, sometimes to the point of annoying. My best friends adore me, my man crazy about me. But people who overstep their boundaries? They fear me. Not even my overly friendly attitude could fix those fear they have.

There was also times, where people mistake me for this type of person who are so like them and that’s great. When I say words, the know that it was because of that, or from that book, or blahblahblah. I could care less about my images in others mind so as long as those images doesn’t hurt me much, I never fix their misunderstanding. I am just to lazy to bother it. That is not a form of kindness or maturity, just a calm personality. I hate trouble so if I can help it, I’d rather not bother with it. It’s kind of annoying of course when people start to say that I’ve change when I unknowingly act in a way that fix their images of me. What is something so like me anyway? How can they knew me better when they don’t even know my hobbies? err?

I also have times when I feel like I was treated unfair. But just because I never make much fuss out of it, doesn’t mean it is okay to treat me unfair. It is exactly because I never make much fuss when I am treated that way that you shouldn’t plan to treat me unfair. Since you never knew how I might react once I fed up, isn’t it wiser to not give me the chance to go rampage? I repeat, do not let their smile, laugh, or friendly attitude deceive you. People who smile well, laugh well, very friendly yet seems so weirdly mature and wise are a very good liar. They wear mask all the time, they are very good at telling white lies. They might seem like a bad liar and you might laugh about how bad they are when it comes to lying. Truth is, when necessary, you can’t even spot their lie. They might knew more than they should, enough to make them your worst enemy. I am not trying to make them look bad, y’know.. I mean I have exactly that kind of personality. My point is.. do not overstep your boundaries. You do not want them as your enemy.

And as for the last part, that bit about kindness. I think they are just kind in general. They might think too much that they never thought that their act of kindness is something special, more like a daily habit. It’s not exactly a weakness but it does tiring them up to do their daily habit in some point. So better not exploit it. Rather, be thankful in your heart that you knew them. That way you would know when you should stop. Some of them do not mind being exploited as long as you do not overdid it. So people, think ahead before you act. Don’t be an ignorance and make a fuss once thing doesn’t go your ways, all the more do not go ahead and get angry because the other party have change. It’s possible that you never see them properly. Saying things like “you’ve change” might put you on a black list. Just saying..

Anyway, that’s for today. Love,