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Happy Ied Mubarak everyone! It’s already a few days after ied mubarak actually but some of us are still on holiday so I guess it’s okay still to be saying “Happy Ied Mubarak!“?

This year, I finally can say hello life for I finally manage to hang out with friends other than those I am really close with. I made an improvement did I not? YEAY ME! As for the other party that tags along on our day out, they would be this two guys who have to treat us girls all days. Well, it’s a rare occasion so I let them pay for us (and me). It be weird to be the only one refusing anyway.

Pictures speak a thousand word right? So, on with it, these are the memories of that day! Enjoy 🙂

trio cul, cc and me


double date! no.. just people from the same hometown! 😀

the five of us, near the field of grass 🙂

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Again, “anak gaul guguak tabek sarojo”?


Another version on “the five of us”


Last, me and the owl!



As you know, I’m really into photoshop so I kinda retouched one of my favorite pic. Here how it looks like:


..and that’s all! Actually there are more great pic of us, but due to the risk of unnecessary rumor that might cause an uproar, I decided to post JUST this much of pic. Btw guys, I miss you already.. You are amazing, I love you all! ♥♥♥