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It’s a common things that there are sign of things coming, like a danger, illness or even death. Sometimes we do not realize all these signs until it’s finally there. We only realize the strange word said by deceased once they are no longer breath, right?

Let’s call it a signal.

My body also one of those that is very sensitive. It response to even a slightest touch – very responsive, it get over tired or over energize. So instead of having a very dramatic emotion, I have a very dramatic body instead. What does this have anything to do with signals? Everything.

When I am about to be sick or finally become very ill, I’ll have a few symptoms and even some strange behavior. One of them is nightmare, those that I can’t remember no matter how terrifying it was. It keeps me awake every few minutes and makes the night feels so long. I want to stay awake but the body are just too tired. It’s like having a long war until morning. Thus, having a good rest is simply out of question.

Second, I tend to be half asleep most of the time so I tend to be hallucinated. I can’t tell which is reality and which is my imagination or dream. I would be just confused because strange things are happening and none of them make any sense. Even if I want to brush it of as a dream, there are evidence that those things are real – maybe some part of it. Huh?

Last, most likely happening when I am terribly ill, I’ll sleep walking. I’ll appear to be totally awake but my brain is not functioning properly. Ask me the next morning, I’ll have no recollection about it. I’ll become very childlike, a rare part you’ll ever see from the normal me. I’ll have difficulties to respond when asked question. Can you imagine a five years old child lost in chasing butterfly but doesn’t even know or care that she is lost? That’s how I’ll appear to be.

Weird, huh?

My point is, last night I’m having one of those signals. I was having a terrible headache the other day so maybe I’m going to be sick sometime soon 😦

May we all have a good health reader! You are amazing πŸ˜€