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Let me make it clear, I wasn’t thinking about you whatsoever. So don’t get all high and mighty because of this. Hiks.. to think that when I finally write after so long, I end up writing about you. This is just so terrible! A very cruel fate!

*stop being drama*

Oh well, let’s not cry over it. You know what? After centuries, I end up dreaming about you. On a normal circumstance, for a normal girl, this dream should be a dreamy one. Maybe it should be one that make the girl all happy and fluffy and grin about it all day. But for me? It’s just like a horror movie! Since when does the idea of marriage ever sounds fun to me?

Ah.. so that’s it, it’s just about getting married. No! Not just about getting married! Don’t you know how much the idea of being at that state haunting me till I get all sweaty? Don’t you make me start, it’s horribleee~~~

So, since I am a very funny weird twisted and dark girl whom happened to be not having a dark skin color (does it even matter?), I have a very weird tendencies which some can’t comprehend. Even most of my friend would question me with a strange look while saying: “Well eventually, you’ll get married, no?“. Yeah, eventually. But accepting that fate doesn’t mean that it doesn’t scare me. In fact, it scares me more than ever. *cry*

What is this all about? Oh, nothing big. It  just I suddenly face to face to a scene that I never want to see in my whole life. It’s a guy who used to be my man and my mom speaking seriously. It got me curious. I can’t help but walking toward them, as close as I can’t be. That’s when I heard mom is giving some sort of I dare you to marry my daughter with all this impossible condition. No,no, that wasn’t surprising since my mom have always been into romance and the idea of marrying me right after I finish my study. Although it’s kinda questioning considering the daughter herself doesn’t have the slight interest in that business..

Well, I was expecting him to say no and refuse her offer. I mean hey, I doesn’t worth all that trouble and above all, he never that sort of guy who have what it takes to be my man. I was about to walkaway when I heard he said “yes”. WHAT? I thought my mind or my ears way playing a trick on me so I listen closely and guess what? He repeated the same phrase! “Yes, I’ll marry your daughter“. IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! SOMEONE, SAVE ME!!!!

I’d rather marry a stranger than marrying him. Maybe because I really have some sort f dependencies toward him even though I never show. Maybe because I do have a feeling that might lead me toward what we called love – It’s the word that I despise a lot. Either way, the idea of becoming his woman scares me as ever. I was so terrified that it woke me up.

Seriously.. I was having a nightmare where I have a thick rope choking my neck until I struggle to breath. But you know what? the horror of this nightmare is nothing compared to the horror of getting married with him.

well, that’s end of story.

Hope you don’t go through the same nightmare. Love,