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Sometimes, I do think woman have it easy that it’s almost scary..

Even though there are those who exploit them, somehow a woman could manage to charm a heart or two to such extend that they are willing to give their all just for her smile.

Even though man tend to be stubborn and all prideful, somehow a woman could silence them and get those stubborn head to eventually listen to her without saying a word.

Well, we – woman – are physically weak compare to man. Despite of the cruel world and treatment from others, in the end doesn’t each of us have a kind heart that keeps us safe? Even if we play the bad guy, the one who end up feeling guilty would be the man instead –or is it just me?

Sometimes, the world spoils us so much that it’s scary..


There is these things that woman have tendency to do, cry. Even the most stubborn woman cry anyway. Maybe not in her wake, but she definitely cry in her sleep. Maybe they are like me, waking up night after night with face full of tears. Maybe they are like me, holding back so hard that even when they are alone, there were never enough reason to be sad. But they do cry, because the body can’t contain a sad soul.

I do aware, I have a strange charm. I’m not like others who appear to be pretty nor will I ever be. I can never be cute enough that I’ll have a second glance. Instead of all that, I have power in my words. It’s almost as scary as the power of tears..

You know, men who find me precious, are all trapped by my tears. Somehow or another, they end up listening to me trying to hold my crying voice. Somehow the end up looking at me wiping my tears while laughing and trying to crack a joke so the air wouldn’t be so tense. Somehow they end up finding me much much weaker than I ever show and decide that they need to protect me. Maybe it’s because I gave them the feeling of being a man, or maybe that tears just have that much of power.

Now lets add the fact that I just so good at weaving my words to that sad face. Won’t I wake up their protective instinct? I think even if man are made with power and brain as their special trait, all that would still be in vain in front of a woman. I am not looking down on a man, but even the great man need his woman. What can’t men do anyway? Other than giving birth to a child, they can manage almost everything. So even with all their capabilities, why are we still living in a world where man cherish their woman?

So, isn’t that scary? A woman is scary..

It’s almost funny, i look at the mirror and find myself so dazzling. I wasn’t wearing my best outfit, nor did I wear any make up. My bird’s-nest-hair is even frizzier and maybe acting very rebellious toward gravity. My nose is reddish and I look like a clown with a red nose since the color of my face is kind of pale. Well, not pale when you are sick, but literally pale. For Indonesian, my skin color is considered bright. It’s yellowish and slightly brown but bright, so it is pale. My eyes are swollen from all the tears. I am nothing like a model. So it’s crazy that my face looks so beautiful.

How in the word, a face full of tears ever look so good? Is it because of the way I cry? I look so cute that it’s crazy. I never even find my smiling face or laughing face look this good. In fact, I find my laughing face is so unsightly. Whenever I have a pic of me smiling, I find it disturbing. Why did that happen?

Is it because tears are the only sincere emotion within me? Did I not smiling properly before? Or maybe my laugh are not enough to be considered a laugh?