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Oh, it’s bizarre alright. I knew I was dreaming, yet, instead of waking up I just keep on having those dream

Let say, I have best friends named popo and idin. Well, in my dream, somehow popo and idin are involved but in half of the stories, the main character is popo.

First part

The Opening.

I was somehow in a kitchen where one of my fellow classmate is cooking for her husband. She seems to be on a vacation and is humming while tasting the food that she made. Suddenly, I appeared right before her eyes. Of course, she was confused as of where did I come from. She just look at me with a weird eyes while I was running around to find a way out.

Unfortunately, I was stuck. We are currently on the third floor and the only access to go outside was a huge window which – of course – do not have a stair to go down. Okay, what do I do now? I looked at her while hitting my face, waking her up from her confusion. “What are you doing???“, she asked me. flustered. “I’m waking myself up“, I answered. “I am dreaming, but I ended up coming into the wrong dream. Your dream. So I am waking myself up!“, I continued. Oh, she’s confused all right. She keep on staring at the me who keep on hitting her own cheek. She becomes more confused when the scene change to what suppose to be my dream. “Ah, it work! Yatta!!!” I said. Then I turned to her while asking “why are you following me? Well, good luck coming back to your own dream. See ya!”. I just walk away following the tunnel, leaving her flustered not knowing what to do.

Second Part

At the end of the tunnel, I am suddenly a part of another scene. I was together with popo and idin near the bay. It’s somewhere around Iceland and it was freaking cold like -10 Celcius. Somehow, popo’s old crush is at the middle of the sea while struggling. Apparently, he is drowning.

Knowing that a man who used to be her crush is drowning in the almost frozen sea, popo jumped into the water and reached him in no time. I don’t know why, when they met each other, this man hugged her tightly ignoring the sudden crowd who are booing them from behind. All I know is it is not because of the cold. Popo, confused and happy, decide to hug him back. That’s when this guy leaned his face to popo’s head while doing air kiss. Yeah, air kiss. You know, the motion of kissing without touching.

And the scene skipped to me and idin both confused looking at popo who is currently red as tomatoes remembering the previous scene. She keep on telling us about how passionate it was and how her heart beats wildly and how that makes her happy. Idin and I just stood there wondering if what we saw was real.

Third Part

The third part, focused on me. It was about a guy who keep on being next to me and about an older brother who turned out to be a great singer and have a massive fans. In this part, I am not in my own body. The me at that time was a beauty, I tell you. I was a blonde with a very long smooth and wavy hair. My eyes was black, almost hypnotizing and my skin color was very pale. I have a rosy pink lips and a beautiful face. Most of all, I was wearing a bright red coat which makes me hard to ignore.

The dream ended in me moving from one body to another and eventually wakes me up for finding that what happening is just too weird.