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Normal Bizarre Dream? Because my dreams are normally weird.

Part One

It was a test – sport major – in our coach’s house. Before we go to his house, we gathered at a cafe together so we can go together to the test place. For some reason, a guy who eat at the same table as me, acting mad and start throwing tantrum. I say a few word to calm him down but it backfired, resulted in him insulting me while banging the table. He said a few words hinting that he would’ve hit me if I wasn’t a girl and making motion of slapping me using the plate – just the motion. Feeling fed up with his anger, I stood up, take the plate in front of me and use the very same plate he was intended to use, and put it to my cheek.

That would normally seems silly, but in my case, he was rendered speechless by my action. I stare at him coldly while asking: “I’ve did it, satisfied?”. Suddenly he seems so scared of me. I was flustered inside, wishing that people wouldn’t find me crazy for making my own face looks silly.

Part Two

The second part of my dream took place at a mix of my campus, my mother’s house and the forest at my hometown. It resulted in a typical scary place. In the opening of that dream, I saw a big brother trying to give his lil sister a type of medicine the taste kind of spicy. I don’t really get why, the brother end up taking that medicine instead and he was running with all of his might to the nearest store to buy a bottle of mineral water. He was so out of it that when he calm down, he realize that he was at a place he is not familiar with.

He was so confused and tried to find the way home, but it was in vain. Feeling desperate, he write a sign of “Help me, I’m lost” on a paper and wander around while holding that paper. It was almost weird how no one feels sympathy and offers some kind of help. All of them just pass him by, not even a glance.

Feeling sorry for him, I pulled two of my friend to accompany me to help this boy. My friend was laughing about how this boy manage to get lost at such a small place. Realizing that the boy feels down about it, I told my friend that it’ easy to get lost since the place was kind of maze like. My friend and me never end up in such a situation since we are very familiar with the place.

We walk around and bought him another water since he looks so pale. He has no more money with him so he was flustered when we bought him the drink. Thankfully, my friend – a guy – assured him that it was okay, we paid for it. We walked some more and finally, we arrived at his house. It was a small house with no noise around – not even the sounds of TV. When he was about to open his house’s door, I said: “Thank you”. He was confused and kind of worried that I was mocking him for not saying thanks to us after all the trouble we went through to send him home. He looked at me and realize that I was being sincere so he responded: “for what?”. “For being safe”, I replied. Then he smile and open the door, get inside without a voice and without looking back at us.

We turn around and were about to go back to our campus when his neighbor stops us. This man asked us about what were we doing at that place. We were confused with the question but we answer him regardless – that we were helping a lost boy to get home. Suddenly, the man look so scared and inform us that the house we just came from was an empty house, no one live inside. The boy doesn’t exist. It was a ghost. We were stunned for a while, but when we realize that we did nothing wrong, we decided not to think about it.

Unfortunately, something weird comes after. When we walked back to the campus, we decided to just go back to our own home. We walked three separated ways. The road to my first friend house was full of dead dogs. It seems like those dogs were run over by cars again and again, a very pitiful sight. My first friend didn’t care much about that and he ended up safely at home.

The second friend, was really bothered with the same situation on his way back home, so he decided to take another route. Somehow, I knew that if he were to take another route, he would’ve got lost instead so I tried to stop him. Even thought the current situation started to disturb me a lot, I tried to bear with it. Somehow, I knew that the road to my house would be free of dead dogs body and would be completely safe so I wasn’t really worried about myself. Unfortunately my friend wouldn’t listened. He chose to walk down and empty valley that is disturbingly and scarily silent and quite dark – although there were no corpses. I don’t know what become of him, but I feel uneasy – very uneasy – when I reach home.

Part Three

Part two is about me having a father who work as a Doctor. He is so wise, smart and kind. So majestic. One way or another, there is this doctor who also works on his – my father’s – hospital. This doctor is so obsess into being the head doctor at the hospital. Well, not that my father cares. All that father want is that every patient his workplace get enough and proper care.

One day, thing got so hectic and crazy that on some weird turn of event, dad end up being kicked out of the hospital. Although that was a good news for the other doctor, he has some bad news that he has to face: the patients rebellion. Yep, you read that right, rebellion. As of why, turns out that the patients know the cause of dad’s fate was made up by another doctor. They wouldn’t care less if it was another doctor, but since the doctor who end up taken away from them was the one who care about them the most, they just can’t sit still.

I don’t know how the dream progress but I know that dad clear up his name and put in a new kind of letter that allow him to leave hospital but still have his monthly wage. Then people around me praise him for his decision and he walks out of the hospital while acting a bit crazy.

I was confused, so much that it wakes me up.


And that’s the normally odd dream of mine. So disturbing? I know. I’m used to it but it still scares me. Anyway that’s all for today.