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When I was young, people lecture me a lot about how your liking, your hobby and anything you do could describe you. Since I was a bookworm, people also told me that I am what I read. Of course, I used to really like good stuff that gave me knowledge but it changed. Not completely changed but more like my liking expand.

Now, as I grew so old, I keep on liking reading comic. Although unlike the past time where I used to like a really girly comic, I tend to find stuff that more toward fighting and martial art much better. Once in a while, I’ll laugh when I read a status update in facebook, line, bbm or maybe a tweet that was quoted from girly comic. Not that I find it stupid, just silly.

You see, there is this kind of unreal image in girl’s targeted comic. Most of them are girl’s-service and it distorts the way they picture how a romance should be. It’s drawn in a an exaggerated way that makes the readers melt but if I have to be honest, it’s just plain stupid and boring.

Typical comic / manga in this genre (shoujo – girls comic) would have a cliche where the perfect or cool guy would fall for the heroin for some unrealistic reason. Most of the time, he would desperately chase after the girl as if she was the only girl in the world. One way or another, the guy would go so far as sacrificing himself just so this girl would be happy. Not that I am saying that this kind of romance doesn’t exist, it just the story is blown way out of proportion.

Most girl who likes comic/manga would like this stuff and it grows an unhealthy images or expectation towards boy. Honestly, all girls have a silly expectation to be rescued by a perfect prince. This kind of books or reading material are making it worse. Not to mention, more and more of movies on tv are also moving toward that area. It’s like whatever we are watching and reading are trying to make us a love-brain creature with a sick diet.

It is a fact that those who like that kind of story also have that kind of way of thinking. Well then, what about me who likes to read action/fighting and fantasy stuff? Err.. maybe I am no way better from the other girl. The thing is, since I really like to read and watch anything involved fighting, I become really infatuated with the idea of having a strong and smart guy as my man. Well, in every movie, the one with only muscle will lose anyway. Muscle and brain, gentleman! Please propose to me! *laugh*