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Hello peeps!

Today, unlike the other day, I’d like to be sassy and talk about something useful. What would that be? Right! Belly dance!

Question: What started this sudden belly-dance-fever?

Well, I am feeling fat lately. Can you believe me when I say that I gained 4 kilos of fat? Gross!! I’ve been trying any kind of diet and none of them worked. Eating less is no use since I am normally eating less than average people..

Finally, I tried so many kind of workout. I tried to find aerobic videos that enable me to practice it in my own room. The down side is, I am pear shaped woman – heavy bottom. Those type of workout makes my butt seems super large since it stay the same while the upper body got slimmer. Plus, although my upper body seems slimmer, my stomach is not flattened.

Feeling desperate, I ended up looking through the “exercise” folder on my external Hard Disk. I found a folder named belly dance and copy it to my laptop. Once I started, I was hooked up! So, the fever is not going to end for a while!


Question: Where did you got all those videos?

At first, I was searching for some tutorial on how to dance for beginner. I ended up on her channel “coco berlin” and from then on, I open some playlist and download some of her videos.


Question: What do you think about her video?

Her video are great! When I first watching a belly dance video, I was like meh, so easy. Those typical video were all great but the instruction wasn’t clear. So I arrogantly thought that my movement was right. Forgive me coco, I have no idea my movement was so messed up.

When I watch her video, I finally understand how the real movement suppose to be and I realize that I am no where near the right move. Belly dance move are so hard and complicated and it’s hard for a beginner to even do a very basic move. However I am thankful to coco for breaking down those move to make it easier for beginner like me to follow. Great video coco!


Question: Where can I find her video?

You can find her video on her channel (link available before). You can also find more about her on her website coco-bauchtaenzerin-berlin. On her website, there’s also a link that direct to another page which contains her videos. If you want to directly go to her online classes video, you can visit essencebellydance.com.

I really recommend her video so make sure to visit okay!


That’s all for today. Love you all peeps,