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Messy Missy is having a very long day after working at her family shop and looking after her siblings, without connection to internet. She is feeling great when she finally get to rest and the signal is back. Of course, just like any other day, tons of notification comes. Messy Missy is not fond of social network but she has the necessary one. Twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr and email, she has it all. Though, she mostly only become a passive user. But let’s not forget chat’s application like line, whatsapp and BBM, those noisy application that she can’t remove. Having all of that, of course there would be a lot – very much – notification, wouldn’t it?

So Messy Missy wasn’t expecting much, none of those notification can stir her heart. She was so distant while fighting depression. She was so cold while trying to protect her own castle. Many walk away, less trouble. Plus she accidentally have her long-used mobile number deactivated for good. What could go wrong, she mumbled. Unfortunately, there is this message from her ex, one that she’s with for the longest. “(cry), babe, I can’t reach you.. I want to talk to you”, he wrote. She’s shaken, she’s quite shaken. Poor her.

She put her hand on her chest while asking, “What is this prick that I feel?“. Messy Missy is disturbed, but she’s smiling. Not because she was rejoicing that they might get back together, that was so out stretching. She was happy for the fact that her numbed heart could actually feel. “God, I can feel! Ah, to think I get so happy over the fact that I am disturbed.. I am so messed up..“, she whispers.

Missy Messy steal a glance at her mobile phone, wondering if she should give him her new number. Would it be wise? Wouldn’t it mess up their clean break? Is there really a need for him to call her? What should she do? But then her heart continue to ache, prick prick. Ah, this is so uncomfortable.

Missy Messy is feeling funny, she can’t sleep even with all the sleepiness. She wonder if she should ask her playmate to call her. They can temporarily sooth her heart. But wouldn’t it be so mean of her to play those fire when she knew how they like her to the point that her voice sounds like a lullaby? “No, No. Hold back, hold back.” she strengthen her will.

So Messy Missy fall asleep, waking up at the middle of the night with a few notification on her phone. The ex is asking her new number, the playmate somehow is asking her new number too. Well then, now that she feels better, why not just give them what they asked? Messy Missy confident that she can keep things clean, even when she messed up in the future, why not? After all, messy Missy tend to have a messy story.


*end of story*