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The struggle is real!

I got my first period pretty late and since the night before it happened I fell from the stairs, the blood that flows were horribly a lot. Compare to most of my friend, I didn’t experience this so called PMS. My period is normal and irregular at the time. It’s not painful, no cram, just too much blood and make me a little anemic.

As I grew older, my period started to happen regularly. I noticed that there is PMS syndrome which is rather than psychological, more like biological to me. I tend to have a fever a week before my period and it’s painful. From H-3 to H+3 of period, my body suffer quite a lot. First, there is this sluggish feeling and my body just can’t produce energy. It gets worse since I tend to lose my appetite too. Second, the cramp. At worse, I can’t even stand since the cramp is too much and I am trying my best to bear with it.

However, that doesn’t swing my mood drastically to the point that I get easily irritated. I might get angry easily compare to normal but that would only happen when I am too tired dealing with all the pain and cramp. Maybe that’s because I’m generally calm to begin with. When I realize that not all of the girl have it as worse as me, but tend to be more unreasonable compare to me , I can’t help but wonder “PMS, is it real?”.

What if..?

What if PMS is just an urban legend and become a great excuse to act as unreasonable as they wanted to be?

So, I ended up asking my friend about it. Well, obviously I asked it to one who can answer objectively. According to her, PMS does exist. She can’t explain why but she tend to have a terrible mood swing and even when she tried to control it, somehow she still get easily irritated. Well, perhaps it’s something hormonal.

So, there you have it gentleman. It seems that PMS does exist. Meanwhile, I am awake since 2 a.m. since I can’t sleep because of my period. *facepalm*