//Part 1

I was alone in a burnt building. The view around me seems familiar. There is this sofa which no longer recognizable if it not for the fabric’s pattern and there is this mic in front of what seem to be an auditorium. This seems to be a very modern building which also function as a mall. Why am I here?

I gasped when I saw my own reflection. My clothes is tattered and my body seems dirty with black color ash. I looked beaten up. However, something comes to my mind. What is this ring that I am wearing? It’s not my belonging and my mind refuse to take it off. What on earth is happening??

//Part 2

I was in a jail with a group of four. Two man and two woman, I am one of them. The man name was taken from a legendary man, Ismail Marzuki and I can’t remember the other one. What I know is his name is the name of the closest friend of a well-known street musician. The other girl named Danisa, a very pretty girl as pretty as her name. We seems to have committed a very terrible crime on an international scale and are having our death sentence.

The officer was a woman, and she was making a decision of which would be killed first. For some unknown reason, I offered to be the first victim. I have no idea why would I attempt that but it seems that I was bailing some time for the group. Since the officer decide to kill one a day, I was thinking of giving my friend even one second longer to attempt a jail-break. The thing is, when the officer is about to inject this poison to my body, I suddenly feel scared and regret.  I was just afraid of the pain of death. I was also regretting not coming home for so long.

Feeling that I can’t just die like that, I asked the officer to let me call my family for one last time. I just want to say sorry for not being there on their older age. I was just sorry for not being able to take care of them. I am sorry for disappearing and never saying anything for all this years. Poor me, the officer refuse to give me my final wish. As the poison flow inside my body, I can feel the terrible pain and how my strength disappearing. I have no idea how, but I understand that Mail (ismail Marzuki) and Danisa manage to break free from the jail with the cost of my and (let say his name was) luffy. Knowing that much, I can die peacefully.

//Part 3

I opened my eyes and saw the face of two people wearing a white robe. One of them look totally like my mother. I was confused since I thought I was dead. It’s too vivid to be a a mere dream. It seems that I was a subject of research and later I know that I was injected with a large dose of morphin right into my brain. They were asking me about what I experienced and I decided to lie and told them that nothing happened. I was having a very good sleep. Those researchers believe me since I am not aware of my current action and can’t remember things that I just did when I woke up.

What about me? I am puzzled. I can’t understand what is happening and start to forget my long dream about in exploded building or about dying in a jail. What can I possibly commit? I can do no harm for all of my life. This is just a very vivid long dream. Let’s pretend that I was watching a movie and that’s it.

//Part 4

I was accepted as an employee to the biggest company. I was walking around in a somewhat familiar building. The door, the room, the way the big glass window align, I knew all of them. I can’t recall why until I accidentally meet Mail. We are both a total stranger but I feel like I knew him for years. I  didn’t try to talk to him for it would be strange to just come to him.

On the other day, I also help a lost girl who look a lot like Danisa but with different attitude. I can’t explain why but I was sure that it’s her. Suddenly, there was  an uproar about a missing actress who disappear without a trace. Believe me, she is the very picture of Danisa down to the way she dress up. When I was in confusion, the girl that I helped suddenly come to me with a different look and attitude, exactly like the Danisa I know. She seems to suffer a multiple personality disorder and “Danisa” is only one part of them. It’s weird since the one on my dream have none of that disorder. Maybe the one I knew already cure her disorder..?

This is all a coincidence, isn’t it?

But tell me, what am I suppose to think when suddenly the four total stranger was called to the meeting room by the higher up and those four people just happen to be my group on that long vivid dream? It’s normal to develop a superstition right?

// Part 5

I was in an auditorium with a huge headache. The view I see keep on overlapping with the one on my dream like a warning. Every corner, every part of the building, even the fabric and the color of the carpet are exactly like the one on my dream. I see Mail and Danisa across the room and the headache just getting terrible. I can’t take it anymore and tried to get away from the room.

But, a woman stop me. She is acting like a lecture and is giving me a special lesson which was written in Arabic language. A person come and he keep her busy with something while talking about a project that is written in a paper. I took a glance and understand that it was a train project. The railway are across the country so this train would serve as an international transportation. Everything is okay until they started to talk about a climate that should never happen here, snow. They are talking about frozen village or something and I tried to copy the project to my notebook but alas, the lecture found out. She stop me.

I was pretending not understanding their discussion so the professor wouldn’t found out my real intention for joining her so called special class. With a cold sweat, I walk away from the room and the buiding

// Part 6

There are a lot of people gathering in this room. Luffy was acting like a technician, Danisa as the capable secretary, Mail as the genius student, and I as the employee. It seems that by that time, the group are already working together seeing how we signal each other. The purpose of this gathering is to introduce the newly developed transportation system – although I can’t understand what makes train a newly developed one.

In the middle of the seminar, I was confused when the higher ups told us that the train move without needing any energy at all. Somehow I asked a stupid question to the one next to me about what year is today. To my surprise, he answered ‘2500’. What the hell?

Back to the topic, the train seems to need an activation and the very thing that serve as the activation is a ring. Doesn’t that sounds familiar? Remember about me wearing a ring that doesn’t belong to me? (in the dream).

I don’t understand what is happening but I was nodding at Danisa and my body just move on it’s own. All the four of us are going to do something that I have no idea.

// Part 7

I was in fear and grabbed Mail’s hand right after the four of us met in the room for the first time. I drag him as far as I could and tell him about my dream, everything. He has a hard time believing me until some weird things happen too him. I did the same with luffy but yet to meet Danisa.

We are just confused.

Why did the higher ups chose us out of thousands?

// Part 8

Danisa was out of breath. She and I was running away from something. The air is full of smoke and we are desperate. Suddenly, I carry her and jump from the 30th floor. We should’ve died if I didn’t manage to land at the third floor.

We are desperate. The whole building are about to explode, so does the train. If we can’t get as far as we could from the train itself, we’ll burn.

Fortunately, we manage to find a motorcycle and runaway. However, Danisa was losing her strength. She fall from the motorcycle and I was desperately trying to wake her up while screaming: “No Danisa! We almost made it! Hold me! Don’t Give up! Hold me!!”

Then everything went black


I wake up.

What a long dream!!!

If a dream has meaning behind it, I really wanna know the meaning behind this one..